May 1st and May 3rd 2014 - Béla Kéler in California

Tanya Ariana Bendis began dancing at the age of three in California, USA under Maria Vegh. Tanya graduated the University of California, Irvine with a B.F.A. in Dance Performance in June 2014. She furthered her dancing at the Salzburg Ballet, American Ballet Theatre, and Los Angeles Ballet during the summer. She was invited to perform Black Swan at Pacific Ballet, Mountain View, CA, and performed in an ensemble under Lisa Naugle in Rome, Italy in cooperation with the Univeristy of Tor Vergata. While at the University she worked with Vincent Hardy, Lisa Naugle, Jackie Kopcsak, Tong Wang, and Diane Diefenderfer, among others. Tanya studied folk dance history with Doctor Nancy Ruyter, which influenced her choreography and traditional approach to classical ballet. Tanya will continue her career as a dancer in Mystic Ballet 2 in Connecticut starting in July 2014. In May 2014, Tanya choreographed "Bardejovsky Czardas" as her senior thesis at the University of California, Irvine. The piece was inspired by the Czardas folk dance performed in Hungary and northern regions of Croatia, the simple love story that was conveyed through the dancer's acting, and the beautiful tutu that was gifted from Maria Vegh. The choreography for the piece came naturally from those three components. The hunt for the correct music began, and as she was researching the Brahms' Hungarian Dances and other traditional folk tunes, she found a recording of Bela Keler's "Spomienka na Bardejov Op.31." She knew once she heard this music that it was the perfect choice for the ballet she had wanted to create. After months of rehearsal with ten beautiful dancers, they performed the work at the Claire Trevor Theatre in Irvine, California. The vision for the piece was to have a fun and cheerful combination of her two favorite things, ballet and folk dance. She hopes to choreograph a full-length ballet that brings a folktale to life. Dancers: Melanie Anderson, Glenn Baker, Noel Dilworth, Tivoli Evans, Isaac Lai, Brooke Lester, Ashleigh Moss, Angela Nunes, Chanel Tekin, and Joey Twomey.



Choreography: Tanya Ariana Bendis
Music: The Slovak State Philharmonic, Košice - Conductor: Marián Vach


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